Active Shooter at Apex VA Beach Today: VPD on scene carrying out investigations

Shooting in Apex VA Beach – Reports from many sources indicate that there was a shooting incident that took place in the vicinity of Apex Entertainment Virginia Beach. In response to the crisis, a number of different law enforcement agencies are currently working together. [Town Center Shooting Virginia Beach]

There are perhaps fifteen to twenty police cars present, and all of the persons were evacuated from the area while they were still wearing their jumping harnesses.

Throughout the time that they were driving in close proximity to the Cheesecake Factory, a witness reported that they saw a large number of police cars pass by throughout their journey.

A different person who is currently present at the incident stated, “My girlfriend and I are currently at Apex in Virginia Beach Town Center,” referring to the location where they are currently located. We were stopped at the entrance and given a warning that there is a gunman who is actively operating in the neighborhood. On the occasion that we sought to leave the building, this transpired.

At the time that this report was produced, there was neither confirmation nor identification of any victims. Neither of these things had taken place at any point.

There has been no identification of any suspects, and there has been no information quickly supplied regarding any arrests that have actually taken place. Neither of these things have been done.

A request has been made to the general public to desist from accessing the area by the police.

[VA Beach Shooting Today]

Tra’Quon Dashon Hurmon, Fort Wayne teenager identified as victim of New Haven shooting,

New Haven, Fort Wayne – 14-year-old Tra’Quon Dashon Hurmon, a boy from Fort Wayne, was shot and killed, leaving the close-knit community of New Haven completely devastated. Hurmon was shot in the head and died as a result, according to the Allen County coroner’s office. This is the county’s first murder of the year. The tragic incidents happened on Friday, and New Haven police responded quickly after learning of shooting in the 10600 block of Seiler Road.

Officers found the little child at the location at around one in the morning, and although paramedics attempted to revive him, the boy was declared dead at the spot. The community is in shock and grief over the awful loss of such a young life. The circumstances surrounding the shooting have been the subject of an ongoing investigation by New Haven police following the occurrence. There have reportedly been interviews with a number of witnesses, and searches are being conducted for a potential witness to the unfortunate incident. Authorities are working hard to resolve the case, even though information regarding a possible suspect or arrest was not immediately available.

At the time of the most recent report, James Krueger, the chief of police in New Haven, was not available for comment. Authorities, however, appear to be treating the event as an isolated gunshot, according to a news release. The coroner’s office, the county prosecutor’s office, Indiana State Police, and New Haven police are working together to highlight how seriously this matter is being treated. The community watches for developments in the inquiry and prays that Tra’Quon Dashon Hurmon will receive justice. In order to confront and stop such tragic events in the future, the tragedy serves as a sobering reminder of the critical necessity for community solidarity, watchfulness, and efficient police enforcement.

Otolegile Morulane, 46-year-old Man has been Identified as second victim of Willow Lane house fire, Police Says

Willow Lane, East Lyme – An individual from the Republic of Botswana has been identified as the second person to lose their life as a result of a tragic fire that took place on Willow Lane the previous week, as stated by the police in remarks that were released on Tuesday. According to a news release that was released by East Lyme Police Chief Michael Finkelstein on Tuesday, the Connecticut Office of the Chief Medical Examiner has identified Otolegile Morulane, a resident of the country that is located in southern Africa, as a victim of the fire that took place on Friday. Morulane was 46 years old.

Merril Lozanov, who was 95 years old and lived at the area, and Morulane both died as a result of smoke inhalation and thermal injuries, according to the findings of the office of the medical examiner, which found that both of them had died. An investigation revealed that both of their fatalities were the result of an accident. As far as Finkelstein is concerned, the investigation that is currently being conducted is still looking at the cause and origin of the occurrence.

Finkelstein stated in a prior statement that firefighters from the Flanders and Niantic fire departments, in addition to officers from the local police department, responded to the incident at approximately 8:07 in the morning. Finkelstein also mentioned that Niantic police officers were also present. It was determined that emergency services were able to remove both Lozanov and Morulane from the residence. While the former was declared deceased at the scene of the accident, the latter was pronounced dead by medical experts at Lawrence + Memorial Hospital in New London. Both of these individuals were involved in the collision.

Darin Smith, Victim of deadly LaGrange County house fire has been identified

Lagrange County, Ind – LaGrange County’s close-knit community is grieving the death of Darin Smith, 54, who was tragically killed in a house fire on Monday morning. Smith has been formally recognised by the LaGrange County Sheriff’s Department as the victim of the horrific event that took place in the 7900 block of N 700 W, which is located just south of the Indiana–Michigan state boundary and north of Shipshewana.

As emergency personnel arrived on the site at around seven in the morning, the terrifying occurrences started. With quick thinking, first responders helped one person escape via a second-story window of the burned home. Sadly, Darin Smith was unable to find his way to safety and was subsequently declared deceased at the site. Smith died from smoke inhalation as a result of the strong fire that destroyed the house, according to the preliminary autopsy results. The sudden death of a fellow resident has left the community in shock, underscoring the transience of life and the unpredictability of events like this.

Early signs point to the fire being unintentional as investigators look into the events around it. Authorities think the fire started on the first floor towards the back of the house, but they have not discovered any evidence of malicious activity. Notwithstanding the initial evaluation, a thorough inquiry is being conducted to determine the incident’s specifics and cause of action. The LaGrange County community, which is renowned for its resiliency and strong relationships, is now coming together to help one another get through this trying period. The family of Darin Smith is hoping for a comprehensive inquiry that will provide them answers and guarantee that steps are done to avoid similar catastrophes in the future, even as they grieve his loss.

Joseph Quail, 19-year-old, identified by Police as victim found dead at home

Waterloo, Iowa –  When the local police revealed the identification of the victim found dead in a residence on Monday, the city of Waterloo was filled with sadness. Just before five in the morning, Joseph Quail, a 19-year-old citizen of Waterloo, tragically lost his life due to a gunshot wound sustained in a house on the 200 block of Eighmey. The town is in shock as a result of the news, and neighbours, friends, and family are trying to come to terms with the unexpected death of a young person.

Investigative efforts to determine the cause of Quail’s premature death are still underway, with the Waterloo Police serving as the lead agency. The finding of a gunshot wound begs important questions about the circumstances surrounding the incident, and the neighbourhood waits tensely for police updates while they diligently try to piece the puzzle together. The police are requesting assistance from the community in an attempt to obtain information that may be crucial to the inquiry.

They have asked anyone with information on the shooting or insights to come forward. 319-291-4340 #3 is the number to reach the Waterloo Police Detective Division if you would like to assist with the investigation. In addition, those who would prefer to remain anonymous can report suspicious activity by calling Cedar Valley Crime Stoppers at 855-300-TIPS. The terrible events surrounding Joseph Quail’s passing highlight how urgent it is for the community and law enforcement to work together to guarantee justice is done. As the inquiry goes on, it is hoped that a conclusion will be reached that will comfort Quail’s bereaved family members as well as hold those accountable. In the wake of this tragedy, the people of Waterloo come together and emphasise that it is everyone’s duty to provide a secure and encouraging environment for one another.

David Rice, 41-year-old Man Identified as victim of fatal Prater Canyon avalanche

 Alpine, Wyoming – An Alpine man was killed in an avalanche Sunday in Prater Canyon east of Star Valley Ranch. The Lincoln County Coroner identified the skier buried in the snow slide Sunday morning as 41-year-old David Rice. The coroner said Rice “recently resided in Alpine but is originally from Jackson.” Rice sold his Jackson music store, according to the County Coroner. Rice and another skier were in Prater Canyon’s backcountry. The avalanche hit around 11:45 a.m. Star Valley Search & Rescue originally responded but requested Teton County SAR helicopter aid. Rescuers found Rice unresponsive.

The tragic avalanche occurred in Prater Canyon east of Star Valley Ranch. The Bridger-Teton Avalanche Centre reported, “The party skied several hundred vertical feet from the ridge without incident. After regrouping and debating route strategy for the next pitch, the second skier deviated from the planned route and triggered a 2-3′ thick and 50′ broad soft slab on steeper terrain near a gully. The victim was dragged through brush and trees by debris in the gully. Skier 2 was 2 feet beneath snow.”

A beacon search found Rice, who was extracted in less than 15 minutes, according to the avalanche centre. Rice had a leg injury and was pulseless. CPR lasted 1.5 hours. “Due to the nature of the visible leg injury and the subject’s position in the debris, it seems most likely that the skier was unconscious when the debris came to rest and may have died of trauma,” the study adds. Avalanche risk is high in Greys River. A detailed avalanche forecast is at

Georgina Dowey, Murder Victim found with bag on head, Suspect Arrested And faces murder trial

Murder – A court heard that a woman battered and strangled to death with a bag over her head was left in a restroom for almost 24 hours. Georgia Dowey was found in Mathew Pickering’s house on 7 May 2023. Mr. Pickering, 49, of Beaconsfield Street, Cadoxton, Neath Port Talbot, admits manslaughter but denies murdering 46-year-old Ms. Dowey. The jury learned Mr. Pickering bought Cherry Coke, cat snacks, Rizla, and bleach after the murder. His defence statement indicated bleach cleaned the bloody floor. Mr Pickering and Ms Dowey had alcohol and drug problems and an on-off relationship, Swansea Crown Court heard. Prosecutor Michael Jones, KC, told the jury that Ms. Dowey had been abused in past relationships.

He called her “even more vulnerable” due to her chaotic lifestyle. The jury saw CCTV from a local shop showing Mr. Pickering leaving his house to buy bleach following Ms. Dowey’s death. Mr Pickering believes Ms Dowey was strangled on the downstairs bathroom floor after an altercation. A day later, a post-mortem revealed Ms. Dowey with a black bag over her head and 32 injuries, including facial bruising and swelling. Police bodycam footage showed Mr. Pickering crying and claiming, “I’m not a violent person, I was defending myself.”

The accused further told police Ms Dowey was “nothing but trouble” in the tape. The jury heard Mr Pickering text Ms Dowey at 15:38 on 6 May, asking, “Did you make it to Merthyr OK?” Ms Dowey was likely dead by then. Mr. Pickering’s father called the police at 15:26 on 7 May, worried about his son’s mental health but unaware of what happened. The jury heard Michael Pickering remark on the 999 call: “A serious incident occurred in the house…” A major attack, possibly more.” “My son is nearing a nervous breakdown… He’s having a breakdown, therefore information is scarce.”

Javarski McGee, 41-year-old man identified as Freeport murder victim, Police investigates

Freeport,  Ill – An early Saturday morning homicide prompts the local police to begin an investigation, shattering the tranquil village of Freeport. A gunshot wound claimed the life of the victim, a 41-year-old Freeport man named Javarski McGee. The loss of one of its own is being mourned by the town, which is still reeling from the shock of an unexpected and brutal death. As Freeport Police painstakingly attempt to put together the events leading up to this regrettable tragedy, the circumstances behind the shooting remain mostly undisclosed.

The suddenness of McGee’s death and the callousness of the act have shocked the community, resulting in an outpouring of sympathy and support for the bereaved family. In their quest for justice, law enforcement officials exhort the public to come forward with any information that can help solve the case. In an effort to gather information, the Freeport Police Department has made a direct request for anyone who may have seen the incident or know pertinent details to call them at 815-235-8222. Information can also be sent anonymously by texting Tip411 or calling 866-TIPSNOW to the Stateline Area Crime Stoppers.

At these times, cooperation between the community and law enforcement becomes essential because the pursuit of justice depends on people’s willingness to come forward with information. By bringing those accountable for McGee’s tragic death to justice, it is hoped that the bereaved family will have some closure and the community will feel somewhat reassured. In the wake of this unfortunate incident, Freeport is hearing cries of support and solidarity, underscoring the significance of sticking together in the face of difficulty and cooperating to guarantee the security and welfare of all citizens.

Sandra Jenkins, 64-year-old woman from Charleston identified as Hwy 162 hit-and-run victim

Charleston, S.C. – Sandra Jenkins, 64, a Charleston native, was killed in a sad hit-and-run event, leaving the close-knit town of Hollywood in shock. The neighbourhood was left stunned and in sadness after the Charleston County Coroner’s Office verified her identification as the pedestrian who was hit by a car on January 6 and died as a result. Around 3:45 p.m., something happened on Highway 162, changing Sandra Jenkins’ life forever for everyone who knew her. She regrettably passed away from her injuries at the site after suffering deadly blunt force injuries in the crash. The neighbourhood is currently coping with loss and the disturbing reality of a life cut short due to the sudden and savage nature of the hit-and-run.

As word spreads around the neighbourhood about Sandra Jenkins’ identity, friends, relatives, and neighbours are left to consider the deep effect of her disappearance. Her terrible passing serves as a sobering reminder of both the disastrous effects of careless driving and the susceptibility of pedestrians on public roads. Confirming the cause of death, the Charleston County Coroner’s Office emphasises the importance of increased road safety awareness. The incident’s hit-and-run component complicates the continuing inquiry into who is at fault as law enforcement works to apprehend the guilty culprit.

Following this devastating incident, the people of Hollywood come together to support one another and consider how important it is to promote a responsible driving culture. The people who knew Sandra Jenkins will always remember her, and the pursuit of justice will become a joint endeavour as a means of bringing closure to her family and friends as well as delivering a strong message about the need of driving safely and responsibly.

Latocsha Sloan, Coroner Has Identified woman Killed In Greenville County Wrong Way Crash

Greenville County, SC – Greenville County Coroner’s Office Senior Deputy Coroner Shelton England reports that a woman was killed in a wrong-way crash in the county on Monday night. The victim was named as Grey Court resident Latocsha Sloan, 49, by the coroner’s office on Monday night. In the vicinity of mile marker 10, Sloan’s southbound Dodge Charger sedan was involved in a head-on collision with a Ford Bronco SUV about 5:40 p.m. on Interstate 185, according to England. “Unfortunately, that victim did lose their life and was pronounced dead on scene,” England explained. “The other driver of the other vehicle was transported with non-life-threatening injuries to the hospital.”

Connecting Interstate 85 to Interstate 385 is the toll-road connector, or I-185. Investigators think Sloan entered the motorway by driving from Highway 20 in the incorrect direction. According to England, this was Greenville County’s fourth fatal wrong-way collision since December. “We know that three of those crashes involved impaired drivers, so we encourage people to use other options,” England added. There is Uber. There is Uber. Give a friend a call. That is undoubtedly concerning because you shouldn’t drive.”
Just over a day has passed after two people in their 20s lost their lives in a different wrong-way collision on Interstate 385 close to Mauldin. That tragedy occurred on Monday night.

The Ford Bronco tumbled after the impact, and video showed it being flipped back onto its wheels. Soon after impact, according to officials, it also caught fire. The cause of the crash is being investigated, according to investigators. “We’re not saying that impaired driving was involved in this collision as we’re early on, but unfortunately, the numbers speak for themselves,” England explained. The autopsy for Sloan is set on Tuesday, according to the coroner’s office.