Active Shooter at Apex VA Beach Today: VPD on scene carrying out investigations

Active Shooter at Apex VA Beach Today: Police on scene carrying out investigations

Shooting in Apex VA Beach – Reports from many sources indicate that there was a shooting incident that took place in the vicinity of Apex Entertainment Virginia Beach. In response to the crisis, a number of different law enforcement agencies are currently working together. [Town Center Shooting Virginia Beach]

There are perhaps fifteen to twenty police cars present, and all of the persons were evacuated from the area while they were still wearing their jumping harnesses.

Throughout the time that they were driving in close proximity to the Cheesecake Factory, a witness reported that they saw a large number of police cars pass by throughout their journey.

A different person who is currently present at the incident stated, “My girlfriend and I are currently at Apex in Virginia Beach Town Center,” referring to the location where they are currently located. We were stopped at the entrance and given a warning that there is a gunman who is actively operating in the neighborhood. On the occasion that we sought to leave the building, this transpired.

At the time that this report was produced, there was neither confirmation nor identification of any victims. Neither of these things had taken place at any point.

There has been no identification of any suspects, and there has been no information quickly supplied regarding any arrests that have actually taken place. Neither of these things have been done.

A request has been made to the general public to desist from accessing the area by the police.

[VA Beach Shooting Today]

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