Sandra Jenkins, 64-year-old woman from Charleston identified as Hwy 162 hit-and-run victim

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Charleston, S.C. – Sandra Jenkins, 64, a Charleston native, was killed in a sad hit-and-run event, leaving the close-knit town of Hollywood in shock. The neighbourhood was left stunned and in sadness after the Charleston County Coroner’s Office verified her identification as the pedestrian who was hit by a car on January 6 and died as a result. Around 3:45 p.m., something happened on Highway 162, changing Sandra Jenkins’ life forever for everyone who knew her. She regrettably passed away from her injuries at the site after suffering deadly blunt force injuries in the crash. The neighbourhood is currently coping with loss and the disturbing reality of a life cut short due to the sudden and savage nature of the hit-and-run.

As word spreads around the neighbourhood about Sandra Jenkins’ identity, friends, relatives, and neighbours are left to consider the deep effect of her disappearance. Her terrible passing serves as a sobering reminder of both the disastrous effects of careless driving and the susceptibility of pedestrians on public roads. Confirming the cause of death, the Charleston County Coroner’s Office emphasises the importance of increased road safety awareness. The incident’s hit-and-run component complicates the continuing inquiry into who is at fault as law enforcement works to apprehend the guilty culprit.

Following this devastating incident, the people of Hollywood come together to support one another and consider how important it is to promote a responsible driving culture. The people who knew Sandra Jenkins will always remember her, and the pursuit of justice will become a joint endeavour as a means of bringing closure to her family and friends as well as delivering a strong message about the need of driving safely and responsibly.

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