Tra’Quon Dashon Hurmon, Fort Wayne teenager identified as victim of New Haven shooting,

New Haven, Fort Wayne – 14-year-old Tra’Quon Dashon Hurmon, a boy from Fort Wayne, was shot and killed, leaving the close-knit community of New Haven completely devastated. Hurmon was shot in the head and died as a result, according to the Allen County coroner’s office. This is the county’s first murder of the year. The tragic incidents happened on Friday, and New Haven police responded quickly after learning of shooting in the 10600 block of Seiler Road.

Officers found the little child at the location at around one in the morning, and although paramedics attempted to revive him, the boy was declared dead at the spot. The community is in shock and grief over the awful loss of such a young life. The circumstances surrounding the shooting have been the subject of an ongoing investigation by New Haven police following the occurrence. There have reportedly been interviews with a number of witnesses, and searches are being conducted for a potential witness to the unfortunate incident. Authorities are working hard to resolve the case, even though information regarding a possible suspect or arrest was not immediately available.

At the time of the most recent report, James Krueger, the chief of police in New Haven, was not available for comment. Authorities, however, appear to be treating the event as an isolated gunshot, according to a news release. The coroner’s office, the county prosecutor’s office, Indiana State Police, and New Haven police are working together to highlight how seriously this matter is being treated. The community watches for developments in the inquiry and prays that Tra’Quon Dashon Hurmon will receive justice. In order to confront and stop such tragic events in the future, the tragedy serves as a sobering reminder of the critical necessity for community solidarity, watchfulness, and efficient police enforcement.

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