Beau Lamarre-Condon gay cop murder ex-boyfriend and partner: Missing bodies of Luke Davies and Jesse Baird found

After being charged with two counts of murder on Friday, a New South Wales Police officer who is suspected of killing a couple from Sydney is currently being held in protective custody. Following the allegations that the senior constable, Beau Lamarre-Condon, was responsible for the deaths of flight attendant Luke Davies and former Ten broadcaster Jesse Baird, the senior constable spent the night in the Silverwater Correctional Complex located in the West of Sydney.

According to the police, Lamarre-Condon was a former partner of Baird’s husband. The American Football League (AFL), which Baird was affiliated with in his capacity as an umpire, issued a statement expressly expressing their condolences to his friends and coworkers overnight. “We understand it is a very upsetting and confronting time for all involved especially for Jesse and Luke’s families and those at the AFL who had a relationship with Jesse through his umpiring,” a spokesperson for the organization.

Who was Jesse Baird?

“Jesse was a well-liked and well-respected player in our American Football League umpiring family. Regarding the news that was released today, we will continue to provide support to Jesse’s family and counseling to any of our team members who are involved in umpiring and the wider AFL football department. “The entire AFL family’s thoughts are with both Jesse and Luke’s families, as well as our umpiring and broader team during this very difficult time,” the statement read.

The Northern Football and Netball League was where Baird made his debut as an umpire in the football league. In the year 2017, he relocated to Queensland, and in the year 2020, he made his debut on the Australian Football League umpiring list.

Lamarre-Condon Arrest

It was approximately 10.30 in the morning on Friday when Lamarre-Condon turned himself in at the Bondi Police Station. According to the police, he is accused of killing Davis and Baird at some point during the morning on Monday, and then he hired a vehicle to dispose of the remains later that day. Despite the fact that one of the men’s social media sites was active on Tuesday, no one had seen them in person.

At approximately eleven in the morning on Wednesday, a worker at Club Cronulla, which is located in the southern part of Sydney, discovered bloodied things belonging to both males in a skip-bin. Among the things were a watch worth eight thousand dollars, clothing, credit cards, and a wallet. Following the discovery, the police went to Baird’s residence on Brown Street in Paddington on the same day. Once there, they “immediately” formed a crime scene.

A “significant” amount of blood was discovered at the residence, and the police stated that they had “grave concerns” for both Davis and Baird. The blood was found at the residence. After some time had passed, on Friday, they made the accusation that Lamarre-Condon had murdered both of the men. The gun casings found at the scene were consistent with the Glock that was issued to Lamarre-Condon by the police; nevertheless, the cause of death has not yet been determined. According to statements made by Detective Superintendent Jodi Radmore on Thursday, witnesses reported hearing shouting “coming from the vicinity” of the residence on Monday.

Police Investigation

As claims of a third person implicated in the “suspicious disappearance” came to light on Thursday, law enforcement officers carried out a search warrant investigation at a residence located on Waite Avenue in the neighborhood of Balmain. Attempts are still being made by the police to create a timetable. They claim that Lamarre-Condon drove to a residence in the Newcastle region at some point on Thursday, and then he drove to Gray’s Point, which is where the vehicle that he reportedly used to dispose of the remains was discovered on Friday.

It was revealed that the senior policeman was seen walking along the street at Gray’s Point while clutching his shoes in his hands. The film was obtained from the CCTV system. This past Friday, he was charged with murder, and he appeared in court for both of these counts. There is still an ongoing investigation.

LGBT Australia Group Reaction

A scumbag and a DV murdering officer. The comments that argue that the fact that the perpetrator is a police officer has nothing to do with the murders will be concealed have been edited to include them. This afternoon, Detective Superintendent Danny Doherty informed the media that Lamarre-Condon will be charged with two counts of murder. The police will formally refuse to release him on bond, and it is anticipated that he will appear in court at some point in the future, whether it be today or tomorrow.

Lemarre-Condon is going to be accused of using his NSW police weapon to kill the two individuals, according to the police. After that, he rented a white van in order to have their remains transported to a location that is now unknown. In connection with the deaths of his ex-partner and boyfriend, New South Wales police officer Beau Lamarre-Condon was charged with two counts of murder with effect from today.

Who Is Lamarre-Condon?

In 2019, he joined the New South Wales Police by following in his mother, Coleen Lamarre. After a year had passed, he was caught on camera using a taser to attack a Native American guy, yet he was not prosecuted for his actions. As of late, it appears that his mother, who is believed to have retired from the police force at this point, has also been dealing with criminal issues herself. In November 2023, a woman named “Coleen Lamarre” was required to appear in the Downing Centre Court in order to face criminal charges.

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