Dean Ellington ESPN Obituary; Berlin, CT, resident has died

Dean Ellington

Dean Ellington Death – The passing of Dean Ellington, Producer of Remote Operations for ESPN, left a deep void within the sentiments of his acquaintances. Dean distinguished himself not only as a colleague but also as an exemplar of integrity, loyalty, and dependability. His death has left an irreplaceable vacuum, impacting not only his professional circle but also the lives of those privileged enough to have regarded him as a friend.

Dean exemplified integrity and decency in his conduct. Becoming a figure of grace and modesty, he garnered the admiration and respect of every individual who encountered him. Dean consistently demonstrated an unwavering dedication to achieving excellence, even when confronted with the challenges of interpersonal relationships or chaotic broadcasts. Dean’s professionalism was without comparison. His unwavering commitment to his craft and scrupulous focus on detail distinguished him in a highly competitive industry. He was held in high regard by both colleagues and collaborators due to his exceptional work ethic and unparalleled expertise. Dean was a steady hand in the fast-paced world of remote operations, guiding teams with poise and decorum through even the most difficult situations.

However, Dean’s character was what genuinely distinguished him. He consistently kept his word, serving as an exemplar of honesty in a society frequently beset by uncertainty. Dean’s steadfast dedication to integrity and impartiality was confirmed in both his professional and personal spheres, where his word was his bond. Dean was an anchor, a pillar of support and reassurance for one another during times of crisis. His composed disposition and unwavering resolve stimulated trust in others, imparting a feeling of tranquility amidst disorder. Individuals who had the good fortune to have known him relied on him as a reliable confidant, a rock upon which they could always turn for support.

Beyond the archives of ESPN, Dean’s influence will live on in the hearts and imaginations of all who had the honor of being in his company. His unbounded compassion, indomitable spirit, and steadfast dedication to excellence will perpetually remind us of the profound impact that a single person can exert on the well-being of others. Dean Ellington exemplified qualities beyond those of a mere colleague—he was a consummate gentleman, a self-assured individual, and every aspect of a professional that one could desire.

Rich Kvietkus of Bethlehem, Connecticut, I’m shocked & saddened by the passing of our colleague, Dean Ellington. A true gentleman, a technical wizard. He had great taste in music, during pre-production he was always jamming tunes, anything from Bob Marley to Metallica.
If Deano was on a show it instantly became better. Unless he was doing play out, he sucked at play out.
He had a saying, “Like throwing a hot dog down the hallway.” It cracked me up every time he said it. So he called me Hot Dog, I’d call him Hallway.
In 2017 I got tickets to the Army / Navy football game in Philadelphia. I was having trouble getting a room. Deano overheard my frustration trying to book a hotel. GameDay was doing the game, Deano was TDing. He offered to share his room with my son & I. I took him up on it. We had a blast. That’s the type of guy he was. Always helping people. I’ll miss his laugh & that wry smile. Rest In Peace my friend.

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