Birdie Dorville Murder-Suicide; Bernadine Pruessner and children killed in house fire

Birdie Dorville

Birdie Dorville Death – On Monday morning, February 19, a tragic house fire devastated the Ferguson, Missouri community, resulting in the loss of three cherished dogs, Bernadine Pruessner, tenderly referred to as “Birdie,” and her four cherished children. The loss of these lives stunned and saddened the community. The intense and destructive fire, which originated at 4:20 am, obscured the Pruessner family by a pall of viscous, black smoke that extended for miles, thus signifying the incomprehensible catastrophe that had befallen them.

Neighbors such as Jerry McClure described their desperate attempts to intervene, but their efforts were rendered futile by the inferno’s overwhelming intensity. Notwithstanding the prompt and heroic arrival of firefighters at the location, the somber realization of the fatalities of five individuals and the three canine companions displaced by the firestorm reverberated deeply within the close-knit community.

The deceased, who have been identified as Bernadine Pruessner and her four children (Ellie and Ivy Pruessner, both nine years old, Jackson Spader, five years old, and Millie Spader, two years old), were cherished community members whose lively presence was prematurely extinguished. Pruessner, mere hours prior to the tragic events that transpired, had reflected on invaluable moments spent with her children, emphasizing the significance of their last moments spent together.

In addition to being a dedicated mother, Bernadine Pruessner garnered acclaim for her accomplished vocation in the field of education. Demonstrating her steadfast commitment to educating young individuals, she was bestowed with the esteemed Missouri Teacher of the Year honor in 2013 while she was a former math instructor at City Academy in St. Louis. Furthermore, in her capacity as an assistant professor at Lewis and Clark Community College in Godfrey, Illinois, Pruessner embodied an enduring dedication to learning and development through her pursuit of a doctorate degree in early childhood education.

As demonstrated by her accomplishments as a published author and the founder of Root Cause Agricultural Education Group, a non-profit organization committed to advancing agricultural education, Pruessner’s influence transcended the confines of the classroom. Her extensive and varied community service highlights her limitless empathy and steadfast dedication to effecting positive change in the lives of individuals.

Ferguson is deeply saddened by the passing of Bernadine Pruessner, her children, and their feline companions. However, the support and expressions of affection from neighbors, friends, and colleagues stand as a poignant testament to the profound influence they exerted on those in their vicinity. While their corporeal existence may be absent, their enduring impact of compassion, benevolence, and unwavering commitment to education will serve as a symbol of optimism amidst adversity.

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