Aaron Brown, Arrested Following Fatal Stabbing to death Of a 64-years-old man in East Central Fresno, California, Police Say

Aaron Brown, Arrested Following Fatal Stabbing to death Of a 64-years-old man in East Central Fresno, California, Police Say

East Central Fresno, California-  Gary Bishop, 69, was the first victim of a homicide in Fresno in 2024. According to authorities, the deadly stabbing happened on Friday night around 8:00 p.m. at an apartment block on White close to Jackson Avenue. Bishop was located by the police with an upper body stab wound. His injuries led to his death after being taken to the hospital. Aaron Brown, 32, was captured by police on Sunday after he ran away. Brown is the kid of Bishop’s girlfriend. Authorities discovered what seems to be a murder weapon. “He did make admissions and confessions consistent with the evidence located on scene,” Lieutenant Cervantes stated.

They were together for 14 years. Action News was informed by Bishop’s fiancée and Brown’s mother that she is still grieving the loss of two significant people in one evening. In the murder apartment, Brown shared a home with his mother and Bishop. “It looks like an intra-family conflict,” said Lt. Paul Cervantes of the Fresno Police Department. The couple’s argument enraged Brown, according to the investigators. Bishop was allegedly stabbed by him. Carlos Ramos saw all the police activity on his way home on Friday night. Carlos Ramos, a neighbour, stated, “I just saw a lot of cops, around 10 or 5 different cops.” “There was an emergency team blocking off the area.”

Ramos was worried about what had happened on Friday. He claimed that there is hardly ever anyone in the quiet suburb. Detectives claim that although Brown moved into the complex in September, he frequently left. Although Brown is a member of a group, according to Fresno police, the stabbing was unrelated to gangs. He has dealt with law enforcement. In 2011, he was imprisoned for burglary, assault with a deadly weapon, and robbery. He got out in July of last year. According to police, Brown was arrested last Monday for possessing ammunition, but he was released the following day because of traffic.

A very sad state of affairs in terms of the fact that Mr. Brown was out when this incident occurred,” Lieutenant Cervantes said. “It our belief that had he been in custody, this wouldn’t have happened.” According to investigators, Brown was under community monitoring following his release when the attack took place. The Fresno police intend to work with the DA on this matter. Brown has one murder charge against him. Despite having made an arrest, detectives still encourage anyone with additional information to get in touch with the Fresno Police Department.

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