5 Persons arrested, In connection to Crompton Bakery robbery, Police report says

Javarski McGee, 41-year-old man identified as Freeport murder victim, Police investigates

Crompton Bakery –  A number of people have been brought into jail as a consequence of a street takeover that occurred in Compton and led to the looting of a bakery in the community. An individual who is accused of driving a stolen vehicle through the storefront has been arrested, and they are among others who have been taken into custody. An further theft that went viral not so long ago was also connected to the same alleged driver, who was brought into custody in connection with yet another theft.

An officer from the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department went inside a 7-Eleven store in Carson because of this particular occurrence. In the evening of Tuesday, the Sheriff of Los Angeles County, Robert Luna, made the statement that five individuals had been taken into custody. The seizure of the street took occurred in the early hours of the morning on January 2, which was the day of the invasion.

At approximately 3:30 in the morning, a Kia Soul was involved in multiple collisions with the front of Ruben’s Bakery, which made it possible for criminals to enter the shop. The crowd barged into the store and immediately began looting the company, as evidenced by the footage captured on the security tape. It was claimed by the deputies that there were around one hundred people that raced towards the location. In terms of the amount of money that was stolen and the amount of damage that was caused, it is believed that the robbery cost the bakery more than forty thousand dollars.

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